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Sunflexx® quality: compare…. there’s a big difference.


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Eastern's Sunflexx® Awning System


All other awning systems lack the necessary strength & flexibility in their arms. This can lead to broken arms and the entire awning could pull away from your home.   Eastern has engineered the strongest and safest arms on the market. Contained in the Sunflexx shoulder is a highly specialized patented urethane compression joint which deters damage caused by wind or rain.


Other awning manufacturers use galvanized steel cables. This cable, after only a year and a half, has completely rusted through.   Eastern uses only the highest quality stainless steel cable rated four times stronger than required. The 5/32” fine stranded cable has been cycle tested to more than 30 years of daily use.


Typically, lateral arms joints are either pressed-fir, riveted or screwed. This type of arm assembly causes excessive wear which weakens the awning and creates an irritating creak with the slightest breeze.   All Sunflexx® arm joints are permanently bonded with Loctite® Epoxy. This advanced method in arm assembly is thousands of pounds stronger than typical assembly methods. Additionally it eliminates noise and joint fatigue throughout the life of the awning.


Many competitors use an inefficient 7:1 ratio worm gear with no protective gear stop. These gears operate with greater frictions which results in decreased longevity.   Sunflexx® 3:1 or 7.8:1 ratio bevel gears are the most efficient available. It retracts or extends your awning, requiring less than half the time and effort. In addition, Sunflexx® gears have a built-in stop to protect your awning from overwinding, eliminating fabric damage.


This cross section shows typical holes and air pockets found in a die casting. These die cast components, used by almost all awning manufacturers, are structurally inconsistent, brittle and weak.   Sunflexx® uses only permanent mold castings which are known for their superior strength.


Most awning manufacturers fail to provide an adequate protective finish, if any at all. This photo is an example of what results from poor surface preparation or paint quality.   Sunflexx® castings and components are painted with an electrostatic polyester powder coating. This superior finish provides an extremely attractive, durable, protective coating which resists cracking, chipping, and peeling.
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