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Sunflexx® Component Specifications


The Sunflexx® (Patented) Adjustment Shoulder is a highly specialized compression joint engineered with a unique urethane component that is warranted for 10 years. This system works as a shock absorber which compresses under stress from either upward or downward pressures caused by wind or rain. Our urethane compression joint deters damage to both building and awning frame by increasing the awning pitch a minimum of 2" per ft. of projection. The urethane used within the adjustment shoulder deviates less than 1% in durometer from -70° to 180° F. It also has excellent memory which allows the arms to compress and slowly return to its original position.

The pitch adjustment is accomplished by turning the 3/4" nut at the base of the shoulder creating any pitch from 0° down to 45°.


There are 5 major important structural features which contribute to strength and longevity of our Lateral Arm; they are as follows:

a. Arm Extrusion

The Sunflexx® arm extrusion with combined heavy walls and internal ribs, give it the strength necessary to withstand harsh weather conditions. Both the inboard arm extrusion measuring 2.750 x 1.500 and outboard arm extrusion measuring 2.285 x 1.165 is made of Alloy 6063, with a T-6 Temper and finished with a two-step White, Bronze, Ivory, Beige, or Black PPG Duracron Baked Finish or a Clear Anodized Finish.

b. Arm Castings

Permanent mold castings which are used in the Sunflexx® Arm System are known for their consistent, superior strength because of the nature of the molding process.

These castings have greater elongation over typical castings, and by casting with Alloy A356, and tempering to T-6, we obtain 38,000 P.S.I. of tensile strength.

c. Arm Joints

All Sunflexx® Arm Castings are permanently bonded to their mating extrusion with Loctite® Epoxy. This method in arm assembly will eliminate noise and joint friction. (Force to remove castings from extrusions: Inboard Profile - 14,000 lbs. Outboard Profile - 10,000 lbs.)

d. Arm Springs

Contained within our 12 foot projection inboard arm extrusion are two, 1" diameter x 25" long High Tensile Springs with a tensile strength of 240,000 P.S.I. These springs deliver a cable force that exceeds 700 lbs. Our 14' projection arms contain three 3/4" diameter x 27" long High Tensile Springs which deliver a cable force of approximately 800 lbs. The quality of these spring are necessary in order to provide a taut fabric during the life of the awning.

e. Arm Cables

Sunflexx® uses only Stainless Steel Cable in their spring tension system. This 304 stainless 7 x 19 with a 5/32" diameter cable has a breaking strength of 2,400 lbs. providing a 300% safety factor.


All Sunflexx® Awning brackets, castings, and related small components are protected with Morton Thiokol Polyester Powder Coated Finish. Our extrusions, such as Front Rail, Support Tube, Hood Profile, and Arm Extrusion are protected with a two-step PPG Duracron Baked enamel paint or clear anodized coating.


Lateral Arm Awnings are built with a gear drive, and may be ordered with Somfy Electric Motors. Additional features such as the Wind & Sun control, Motion Sensor or Wireless Remote, can also be added for protection & convenience.

Sunflexx® awnings provide a beveled gear with a built-in stop, which eliminates over winding of the fabric or a worm gear for larger awnings. Without the safety feature of a built in stop, the fabric can easily be permanently damaged. The Sunflexx® beveled gear has a ratio of 3:1 for awnings 6 ft. to 20 ft. wide, and a 7.8:1 ratio for awnings 21 ft. to 26 ft. wide. A worm gear with a ratio of 13:1 is used for awnings 27 ft. to 40 ft. wide.


The Sunflexx® Awning frame is constructed of all aluminum castings and marine grade alloy extrusion, minimizing the potential for electrolytic corrosion. All fasteners and arm pins are high-grade stainless steel. The Support Tube is made of 6105 Alloy with T-6 Temper and the Roller Tube being the largest diameter available with an Alloy of 6105 tempered to T-6. Additionally the mounting brackets are manufactured of extruded aluminum with a height of over 7".

The engineering design of the Sunflexx® Awning results in the most durable unit available. The components are unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturing defects and will be replaced at no cost within 15 years from the date of purchase.

This awning is engineered to withstand greater upward or downward force from unexpected inclement weather than any other retractable awning system. This is achieved with our highly specialized patented urethane compression shoulder joint which allows the arm to flex as pressure increases from either direction.

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